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A Handful of Energetic Essential Oils



Rosmarinus officinalis


Extraction - Steam distillation from the leaves


Physically Rosemary essential oil is beneficial for lethargy and chillness.  It is effective for catarrh, colds and tonsillitis.  Mentally, Rosemary effectively stimulates the mind, poor concentration and memory. Emotionally, it is valuable in treatment for depression.


Rosemary essential oil is vibrant, strengthening and invigorating, awakening and encouraging inspiration. Easing the mind it can revive mental clarity, boost confidence and morale  It is a warming and invigorating oil which can boost circulation and help ease chronic backache, muscle pains, osteoarthritis and also fatigue.


Rosemary essential oil has many properties, some of which are anti-catarrhal, anti-rheumatic, neurotonic, anti-bacterial and a digestive stimulant.


Safety Avoid Rosemary if you suffer from epilepsy and do not use in pregnancy.




Citrus bergamia


Extraction - Expression from the fruit peel


Physically Bergamot essential oil is beneficial for, eases and promotes digestion.  It also soothes asthma.  Bergamot can help with irritability, restlessness and depression, mentally easing tension and frustration, benefitting depression and also insomnia as Bergamot is both relaxing and uplifting.


Bergamot essential oil is refreshing, euphoric and uplifting, gently releasing emotional tension and boosting emotional health.  Easing the mind from emotional anxiety, it is also beneficial for frustration.


This oil has many properties, some of which are anti-depressive and a calmative.


Bergamot is a beneficial tonic for the skin, cleansing and aiding in healing skin problems.


Safety - Avoid massaging into skin if you are going out into strong sunlight.




Lavandula angustifolia


Extraction - Steam distillation from flowering stalks


Physically Lavender essential oil eases nervous tension, insomnia and headaches.  It calms palpitations and also anxiety.  Lavender works well for muscular stiffness and aching, cramping pains and is also beneficial for arthritis.


Lavender is soothing, calming and reassuring, pacifying strong emotions and helping to relax.  Easing the mind from everyday stress and instils calmness and composure.


Lavender is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and calmative.


The skin benefits greatly from Lavender and is effective in healing dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and is also used for burns, bruising and scars.


Safety - Lavender is good for all skin types


German Chamomile


Matricaria recutita


Extraction - Steam distillation from dried flower


Physically German Chamomile essential oil relieves muscular stiffness, aches and cramps, including neuralgia and arthritis.  It is effective for reducing inflammation caused by sprains.  It is also a calming oil, relieving insomnia, restlessness and tension, therefore helping with headaches and migraines.


German chamomile is soothing, strengthening and powerful, easing pain and helping with depression, building a deep sense of inner calm.  Easing the mind emotionally and physically supports with relieving spasms and pain.


German Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and a calmative.


This is an important oil for treating skin problems, it soothes eczema, psoriasis and burns.  It nourishes sensitive skin when used in a blend with a carrier oil.


Safety - German chamomile is good for all skin types


Black Spruce


Picea mariana


Extraction - Steam distillation from the needles


Physically Black spruce essential oil relieves respiratory complaints, flu and rheumatic conditions.  It soothes asthma, coughs, colds and flu symptoms and also eases muscular aches and pains.  Black spruce has also been known to keep insects at bay.


Black spruce is fresh, bracing and strengthening.  It has a rich, fresh yet smoky aroma with a strong sharp, resiny hint.  This soothes mental stress and tension, relaxing and strengthening your inner self, giving you stability.  Easing the mind and grounding you emotionally, it is a stimulating and invigorating oil.


This essential oil is deeply cleansing and refreshing for the skin, it is anti-bacterial and both invigorating and uplifting for the body.


Safety - Black spruce is good for all skin types




Citrus limon


Extraction - Expression from the fruit peel.


Physically lemon can help to fight the flu, cold or viral infections.  To overcome fatigue and raise energy levels and relieve physical tiredness, lemon gives you a boost whenever you need it.  It is also beneficial for headaches and in aiding digestion, an excellent detoxifier.


Lemon essential oil is fresh, cleansing and bright.  It is intensely fruity, citrusy, zesty and fresh with wonderful light, fizzy top notes.  This can lift a dark mood renewing the zest for life, restoring focus and clarity, and is mentally uplifting.  It is also beneficial in the late stages of pregnancy to balance the mind and emotions.


Lemon is effective in cleansing, refreshing and brightening the skin and complexion.  With the added bonus of invigorating and promoting a healthy glow.


Lemon essential oil is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and an immune tonic.


Safety - Avoid on sensitive skin.




Santalum album


Extraction - steam distillation from heartwood


Physically sandalwood eases and soothes nervous tension and restlessness, it is beneficial for coughs, catarrh, bronchitis, asthma and is also effective for IBS.  It soothes headaches and migraines.


Sandalwood essential oil is warm, woody and comforting, excellent for easing worry, depression and insomnia, therefore it is perfect for the over-thinker.  It promotes stillness and tranquility, a very grounding and nurturing oil mentally and emotionally as well as physically.


Sandalwood is a beautiful oil for the skin, beneficial for dry skin, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne and pruritis; clearing, purifying and promoting the natural beauty of your skin.


Some of Sandalwood essential oils properties are anti-inflammatory, calmative and lymphatic decongestant.


Safety - Sandalwood essential oil is good for all skin types.


Rose Otto


Rosa damascena


Extraction - Steam distillation from the flower petals


Physically Rose essential oil calms the heart and relieves anxiety.  It is beneficial for headaches and migraine, relieving pain and easing tension.  It is even effective for ophthalmia including conjunctivitis and it is also effective on tinnitus.


Rose essential oil is gentle, nurturing and uplifting, delicately floral and sweet it has a beautiful fragrance of honeyed sweetness and a subtle fresh, floral top note.  It is excellent for restoring a sense of security and well-being, benefiting nervous anxiety, insomnia and palpitations.  It is an effective oil for the heart, to help heal a loss or rejection and to self nurture.  It warms the soul and touches the deepest most hidden feelings of despair and restores trust and unconditional love.  


Rose is an excellent skin tonic and is beneficial for dry, sensitive, mature skin conditions.  It is also good for dermatitis, eczema, acne, psoriasis, burns and boils and for promoting healthy glowing skin.


Some of Rose essential oils properties includes anti-depressive, cardiotonic and calmative.


Safety - Rose essential oil is good for all skin types



Essential oils should be used with caution and not to be used without the advice and guidance of a qualified aromatherapist.  This site is for information only.


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