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Natural Carrier Oils

Jojoba Wax


Simmondsia chinensis


Extraction  Pressing from the beans


Colour  Rich golden yellow 


Jojoba oil absorbs easily and is particularly beneficial for sensitive skin.  It balances oily skin and is good for acne and scars.  This is a lovely oil for facial treatments, softening and moisturising dry dehydrated skin leaving it nourished and supple, easing symptoms such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, sunburn and it is also beneficial for chapped skin and nappy rash! It firms the skin and hydrates wrinkles, helping with scarring and with its anti-bacterial properties it is also an excellent cleanser.  Jojoba oil is a beautiful nourishing oil for your hair as well as your skin and nails; it is a wonderful moisturiser, deeply conditioning your hair and scalp, as well as elbows, knees and heels. Even used before shaving, it will leave your skin feeling sleek and smooth.  Jojoba oil is a beautifully light, smooth and moisturising oil.




Jojoba oil is safe for all skin types



Avocado Oil


Persea americana


Extraction  Pressing from the flesh of the fruit


Colour  Rich green


Avocado Oil is a thick and heavy oil and contains Chlorophyll which gives the oil its green hue.  Avocado is important in beauty treatments and has been used in skin care for hundreds of years.  Preferably mixed with lighter carrier oils, as Avocado is a heavier oil and absorbs slowly, it provides a wonderful, rich emollient treatment for dry skin.  It is a beautiful rich oil which is excellent for damaged, wrinkled and mature skin, helping to slow down the signs of ageing and has also been known to be a mild sunscreen.  It is beneficial for under nourished, dry and dehydrated skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis; mixed with essential oils it proves to be a vital nourishing, enriching and intensely moisturising treatment.




Avocado oil is safe for all types of skin



Rosehip Oil


Rosa rubiginosa


Extraction  Cold pressed from seeds


Colour  Golden with a ruby hint


Rosehip oil has been used in beauty for centuries, it is a beautiful light, non greasy oil that absorbs easily and has a pleasant delicate nutty aroma. It is a cold pressed oil that hasn't been altered by heat and therefore retains more of its nutrients.  Being an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant it helps soothe the skin. With its many properties including fatty acids rosehip oil repairs the skin and restores elasticity, hydrating and regenerating skin tissue.  This remarkable oil prevents premature ageing, is a prevention and cure for scars old and new, and works wonders with wrinkles, sun spots, ephilides, scaling, devitalised skin and cellular regeneration and so restoring the tone of your skin for a fresher and healthier glow.  It has the properties and ability to moisturise and leave your skin feeling hydrated and supple. It is also beneficial for many skin conditions such as acne, eczema, impetigo, scarring, dermatitis, psoriasis and also for hair and brittle nails.

Used in massage rosehip oil works on the digestive, circulatory and neuro endocrine systems.


Safety  Avoid in pregnancy and nursing mothers




Essential oils should be used with caution and not to be used without the advice and guidance of a qualified aromatherapist.  This site is for information only.


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